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Shaman Anu Pahka’s Words of Wisdom Workshop

Sunday, 9 June 2024



Welcome to a mystical and powerful event – Shaman Anu Pahka‘s Words of Wisdom Workshop, where you’ll be greeted by spell-singer Sirje Penjam and the inspiring maestro Kristjan Järvi with Imre Sooäät!



Date, time, and location


New Moon, June 9, starting at 13:00 in the naturally beautiful and energetically powerful Pädaste Manor!
Dinner at 19:00



Mysterious Exploration


During the ritual, you’ll learn what you acknowledge and feel within yourself through the power of your ancestors and encouraging words. You’ll feel what they want to tell you and how you can help yourself and your growth through the truth of your ancestors.

The ritual takes place during the new moon. The new moon brings a new beginning, development, and growth. It’s a time to think, to be calm, a time to focus on oneself, a time to feel one’s depth and inner self. It’s a time that approaches the solstice in June, and you have the opportunity to focus on your roots.



Event Highlights


Pre-solstice magical ritual for personal protection: Step into the world of ancient and new spells and songs. Experience the journey, create a connection with your ancestors’ power, and feel the magic and healing through your own inner strength.

Gong Sounds: Let gongs, drums, and other instruments and spells heal your body and soul.

Kristjan Järvi and Imre Sooäär: Discuss the magical frequencies of music, how they affect our lives, and how to use sounds for the benefit of our souls: Allow the frequencies of different instruments to heal you and experience co-creation.

Fire Ritual: Let’s light a shamanic fire, listen to the messages of our ancestors in silence, give thanks with gifts, and cast spells.

Singing along with spell-singers: Let’s create a space together in the magic of ancestral songs.


Dinner: Chef de Cuisine Achim Braitsch prepares an amazing 3-course dinner, special menu dedicated to the tastes of the islands from the local ingredients, inspired by the traditions of the Nordic Islands’ Cuisine.
NB! Please inform us during your booking if you prefer the vegetarian menu. Share your experiences and reflections at the dinner table.



How to Prepare


We ask everyone to bring

  • One white candle and candle holder
  • One mirror (just large enough to see your face, preferably on a stand to stand in front of it and look into it)
  • Red felt-tip pen for writing on the mirror
  • Yoga mat or sheepskin to sit comfortably

We invite you to take a step into this mysterious and exploratory world where words and thoughts expand our consciousness, and magic awaits discovery. Be prepared to dive deeper into your own being, to heal, and to connect with the power of your ancestors.

Join us in the nature-powerful Pädaste Manor to discover the magic of the new moon together! We await you on an exciting and mysterious journey of discovery into yourself! *The entire program is in Estonian!





  • Workshop with dinner and accommodation in the main house of the manor from 359 EUR/person in a double room
  • Workshop with dinner and accommodation in the Carriage House from 329 EUR/person in a double room
  • Workshop with dinner and evening program 191 EUR/person
  • Daytime workshop 13:00-18:00 72 EUR/person (Subject to availability)


For the accommodation package, you may choose between arriving Saturday and departing Sunday evening, or arriving Sunday and departing Monday. Please indicate your preference when booking.


Anu Pahka, born in Ida-Viru County, became known to a wider audience as the winner of the TV3 show “Battle of the Psychics” in 2016. Born at the foot of the ash mountains in Northern Estonia, Anu has always been interested in the world of mysticism. After her mother’s death, she had a special vision that strongly motivated her to start exploring and studying the mystique of life and the world, which is invisible to the eye. She has drawn much wisdom from the witch Leesoja, Thule Leel, learned Native American wisdom under Helen Starcave’s guidance, studied at the School of Intuitive Sciences, and attended courses on mystical healing in biosensory studies. Anu has learned the shamanistic interpretation of nature and life through the four elements: fire, water, air, and earth for self-healing. She has traveled extensively and experienced the power of natural forces in Siberia, the Kola Peninsula, and distant Asian and South American countries. Her books are dedicated to the forces of nature and healing rituals. She also deals with life and death issues and helps you find your way through them. Anu has helped heal and counsel thousands of people with her uniquely energetic nature power. She remains one of the most recognized specialists in this field in Estonia. Anu is the founder of the nonprofit organization Anubis Witch’s Kettle, through which she aims to teach young people an understanding and true sense of nature.



Booking Conditions


To make a reservation, please contact us by email at info@padaste.ee or call +372 45 48 800.


NB! For all bookings for packages 1-3 that are prepayd before June 1, a 10% rebate applies.