Pädaste Manor | Pädaste Manor, a small luxury retreat & SPA Park and grounds -

Park and grounds

4989845302_40c938a1fe_zFive 19th Century iron stone buildings join the stately Manor in a horse shoe shape, opening up to the Baltic Sea. The Manor ensemble is set amidst a 7 hectare landscaped park surrounded by 22 hectares of meadows & forests. The estate is surrounded by centuries old iron stone walls, partly overgrown with moss.


Our shoreline gives way to astonishing views of the bay with its islets and untouched coastland. A variety of grasses, ferns, wild flowers, berries, brushes, orchids, pine, birch and our ‘national’ tree the juniper, paint the landscape of Pädaste Bay.


The park and shoreline form part of a nature protection zone which is well known for its biodiversity. It is the natural habitat to 23 species of rare orchids. Birdlife is of particular interest since Pädaste bay is a favorite stopover location for migratory birds as geese, cranes, ducks and swans. Three breeding couples of the rare and majestic sea eagle nest nearby, the nightingale takes center stage in the evenings of early June. The park is home to owl’s, woodpeckers, nesting swallows, tree-nesting ducks, squirrels and bats. Deer, wild boar and moose inhabit the surrounding forest. They occasionally can be seen crossing into the park, specially during cold winters.


During the summer season (1 June – 31 August) Pädaste park is open for visitors daily from 12:00 till 19:00. 


Entrance fee €4 for adults and €2 for kids under the age of 16. Different rates apply to groups (starting from 8 guests). Group visits by prior arrangement only. Please contact info@padaste.ee.