Pädaste Manor | Pädaste Manor, a small luxury retreat & SPA Tatler Spa Guide 2009 -

Tatler Spa Guide 2009

A critical selection of 101 best spas worldwide according to Tatler Now, more than ever, we need free time to count. We rush from work to parties, from meetings to dinner, eating too fast, drinking too much and staying up way too late. Then we look at ourselves in the mirror and wonder why people twice our age look half as young. So how do we feel better amidst the hullabaloo? We force healthiness upon ourselves. We extract ourselves from our evil lives – just for a weekend, maybe a week (maybe three) – so we can feel and look as good as we know we should. In Tatler’s guide to the best spas, clinics, retreats and bootcamps in the world, we sift through the guff to concentrate on the places that get results.

This is the sort of place Dr Zhivago might have been exiled to if the Soviets had wanted to beautify him. Staying here feels like being in the middle of a sublime wilderness.

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