Arrangement Specification – Discover Muhu & Saaremaa



  High Season Single Supplement Low Season Single Supplement
Double Deluxe in the Manor House 1529 € 1082 € 1400 € 952 €
Junior Suite in the Carriage House 1620 € 1175 € 1475 € 1027 €
Superior Double in the Manor House 1735 € 1292 € 1565 € 1119 € 


Price is per person


Detailed program


Day 1: Afternoon arrival at Pädaste, after checking into your junior suite, we will welcome you with a glass of sparkling wine. A four-course Table d’Hôte dinner is served in Alexander, our fine dining restaurant.
Day 2: Early risers take a stroll on the shore where the first sunrays beat the early morning fog. After breakfast a personal guide and driver are waiting to take you to Koguva, a charming fishing Village. At Koguva you will also visit the lovely museum. A little further on lies the 13th century Muhu stronghold. In 1227 this was the site where the last Estonian resistance gave way to German Crusaders and where the last European heathens were defeated and baptized by order of Pope Honorius III. Your guide might take you; to the 13th century St. Catherine’s church rising tall with its simple elegance; or to a former Soviet nuclear rocket base, decaying now, hidden in a deep forest. Before returning to Pädaste we will visit a nearby prehistoric grave field, simple and untouched. Hidden in the forest and long forgotten after its discovery a hundred years ago, now known only to locals. There are many other places of interest to see on Muhu and the pleasure of having a personal guide and driver is that you are free to change and discuss the schedule according to your own preference. You will drive back for lunch at Pädaste Manor. 
Day 3: Together with your guide you will cross over to the Island of Saaremaa.
Destination is Kuressaare, a charming town famous for the Bishops Castle. The 14th Century Castle is the only one still intact in the Baltics and beautifully surrounded by moats and a park. The historic museum in the Castle is worth visiting. You will Picnic in the park or inside the Castle. Enjoy a walk through the center of Kuressaare; visit its small market and charming streets with wooden houses. On your drive back to Pädaste, we will visit the Kraali Meteorite Crater, legends tell of its spiritual and healing power. If time permits we will also visit the fortified Church at Pöide. Its thick walls out of red brick tell the story of power of the Nobles. Pöide church is the site of the first great uprising of Estonian peasants in the 15th century, the Baltic nobles where kept hostage inside for a week.
Day 4: After breakfast, you might want to go out on your own to discover Muhu or just relax in your room. Check out is at noon.



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