Sanctuary of Six Senses

Your journey at Pädaste Spa is a journey, harmonizing all six senses, unveiling an unforgettable odyssey of relaxation and complete rejuvenation.



Experience the Holistic SPA’s exclusive rituals and spaces:

  • Pädaste Smoke Sauna
  • Healing Hot Spring
  • Herbal Steam Sauna
  • Salt Crystal Sauna
  • Muhu Wood-burning Sauna
  • Nordic Cold Tub
  • Seawater Hot Tub by the Bay
  • Sundeck by the Bay
  • Ceremony & Meditation Cabin
  • Relaxation Room
  • Spa Lounge Deck



Elevate your experience with our curated treatment sessions within Pädaste Spa, conducted by our expert therapists:

  • Ancient Smoke Sauna Rituals
  • Stimulating Birch or Juniper Whisking Ceremony
  • Deep Breathing Therapy
  • Massages and Body Treatments
  • Light and Sound Therapy
  • Tea Service on the Spa Lounge Deck
  • Yoga Classes


Embark on this sensory voyage and immerse yourself in the pinnacle of spa indulgence at Pädaste Spa – where every moment is a celebration of your senses.