Arrangement Specification – Treat Yourself Well



  High Season Single Supplement Low Season Single Supplement
Deluxe Double in the Manor House 751 € 404 € 671 € 323 €
Junior Suite in the Carriage House 810 € 464 € 717 € 370 €
Superior Double in the Manor House 883 € 538 € 774 € 428 €
Grand Suite in the Manor House 1303 € 961 € 1100 € 757 €


Price is per person


Offer not applicable to groups or in combination with other special offers or promotions.


The experience offered at Pädaste Spa is based on harmony and revitalization of all six senses, in the understanding that our well-being is complete only if all senses get positive stimulation, rest and relaxation. Relaxation and well being based on -sometimes centuries old- Estonian herbal traditions befit the unspoiled beauty and harmony of Muhu Island. 
At Pädaste Spa there is no place for global brands.


We offer an attractively priced selection of individual treatments and up to 2-day arrangements.
Your treatments will be scheduled allowing ample time for relaxation in between.


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For reservations or inquiries please contact our Guest Relations Manager at or dial +372 45 48 800