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Spa – Sanctuary of Six Senses

Pädaste Spa

Embark on a Sensory Odyssey at Pädaste Spa 


Welcome to Pädaste and it’s renewed Spa, Sanctuary of Six Senses, where an extraordinary journey awaits. An experience designed to enrapture every facet of your being. Our commitment lies in curating a holistic sanctuary, in the Pädaste tradition of hospitality, ensuring that each moment resonates with the symphony of your senses crafting an immersive experience that nurtures your body, mind, and soul.


SEE – Marvel at the breathtaking vistas and untouched landscapes as nature weaves its tapestry around you. Wander through authentically restored manor grounds, where historical allure blends seamlessly with modern design, adorned with intricate Muhu patterns and captivating original artworks that stir the soul and create a setting of genuine hospitality in our tradition of Simple Luxury.


LISTEN – Enjoy the healing power of near total silence. From there dwell into a modest and curated symphony of sounds, from nature’s gentle melodies, carefully selected harmonies that serenade your senses. 


TASTE – Indulge in fine gastronomic enjoyments where our internationally acclaimed and Michelin rated Nordic Island’s Cuisine meets the worlds most critical standards. Or enjoy a simple lunch at the Pädaste Yacht Club.


TOUCH – Savor the touch of simple luxury with natural textures and materials unique to our hotel and spa. Feel the texture of bedding and natural fabrics of exquisite quality, an indulgence found nowhere else in Estonia.


SMELL – Awaken your senses to the symphony of nature’s scents – the mossy forest paths, the breeze over the meadows, the flowering kitchen garden, all have their subtle scent. The aroma of freshly baked delights from our manor’s bakery, the inviting fragrance of crackling fireplaces, the delicate essence of natural candles, and our exclusive range of body care products.


FEEL – When every sense is ignited to its fullest, you’ll encounter an awakening—an unveiling of your true essence, immersed in tranquility. It’s here that your presence is felt, harmonized in a symphony of sensations that lead you to your most serene self.


Step into our Natural-SPA realm, rooted in centuries-old Estonian herbal traditions, merging seamlessly with state-of-the-art spa technology. Our commitment to purity ensures that all ingredients are organic, sourced from the pristine nature of Muhu Island, meticulously prepared in our spa kitchen to offer you treatments enriched with pure, natural goodness. 


Your journey at Pädaste Spa is a journey, harmonizing all six senses, unveiling an unforgettable odyssey of relaxation and complete rejuvenation.





Our professional therapists will go to great lengths to make your stay an exceptional experience. Our Spa menu will help you make your choice. Be it a single treatment, a half-day package or a complete 3-day Spa program. Our therapist is available to give a personal consultation, to help you choose the treatment the most suitable to you.


Unwind yourself and enjoy the calm, nature and soul that Pädaste is known for…..

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